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Alaska 2

Iditarod and “Hut to Hut” trail pioneering

Working Richard May Construction Inc. and the Chugach National Forest USFS in Alaska, we used a Trimble Pro XRS data recorder and a custom data dictionary created by Don Hays, based upon the Forest Service TRACS Survey method, to Geo-locate various trail routes terminating at what are know as “Whistle stops” along the Alaskan Railroad between Seward and Anchorage Alaska.  These routes are also incorporated into the future “Hut to Hut” trail route.  These routes were intended to be overnight hikes to a variety of destinations with huts available at each location.  Camping sites were geo-located for the more adventurous trekker.  This data and associated flag-line and field stakes were used for inspection and future construction of these trails.  As part of the contract, trails were to be overlaid on to aerial map data provided by the Forest Service and the use of Topo! maps for line data and submitted in PDF format.  Trail lengths were established by GPS data.  Associated maps and photos below.

Center Pass Trail Length 5.28 miles
Grandview Glacier Trail Length .84 miles
Grandview Loop Trail Length 0.6 miles
Grandview Tunnel trail Length 4.85 miles
Hunter Access Trail Length 0.07 mile
Motorized Trail Length 0.74
Spencer Luebner Trail Length 7.44 miles
Spencer Glacier Trail Length 3.0 miles
Spencer Tunnel Trail Length  1.3 miles
Trail Glacier Length 3.4