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Loon Lake, California


High Country Recreation Improvement Plan, Phase 1 at Loon Lake, California




High Country Recreation Improvement Plan, Phase 1 at Loon Lake, California was performed for Sacramento Municipal Utilities district by

  • The Dangermond Group-Recreational planning,
  • Donald Hays Trail Contractor, Inc. - Professional trail builder, primary data collector, price estimator, and basic report builder including diagrams and specifications
  • Carlton-Engineering
  • Ecorps-Environmental Planning
  • PBS&J- Aarcheology

The High Country Recreation Improvement Plan includes recreational facility improvements needed to provide maintenance access to SMUD’s facilities in the High Country area near Loon Lake and Buck Island in the El Dorado National Forest of El Dorado County. Phase I of this project includes documenting conditions along trails, preparing specification, drawings and descriptions of recommended improvements, locating new trails and identifying locations for new toilets. In addition, SMUD wishes to explore the potential for upgrading the non- motorized hiking trail to allow them to transport payloads to their operations at Rubicon Lake. The data recorded by Donald Hays Trail Contractor, Inc. helped generate a 43 page report and approximately 75 pages of map data showing most all aspects of trail condition, location and man made points, including future toilets, and photos taken during data logging.