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Tahoe National Forrest, California


Tahoe National Forrest, California


loch leven

The data on this CD is in UTM 1984 Zone 10. Units are in feet, and are Shape file format.
The purpose of this data is primarily to see if the data base files (.dbf) match the TRACS and INFRA national database format. Please let me know if the sequence of fields and field character length are the same as national database.

In most cases, in conjunction with the TRACS data dictionary, I have used the “Standard Specifications for Construction of Trails” manual (7720-102) code sections for identification. “Trails” are a named line feature, all points and line Segments on the line are identified by Section number such as a “Turnpike” is Section 913, “Puncheon Bridges” are Section 933, etc. All line features have their own attributes specific to that segment. All line items can be queried and identified separately. I have added some attributes to some of the line features such as “material” and “abutments” to bridges, “retainer type” to turnpikes, etc.

Points such as “922 Waterbars” or “912 Drain dips” also have their own attributes. In my database “Switchbacks”(914) even though a line feature, are identified as a point on the radius of the line. The information about that Switchback is in the point feature table. In some cases as above I have added attributes to point features such as “Type” for waterbars.

In my database I have put in the “Primary User Type” and “Secondary User Type” fields. This allows the administrator to know who uses the trails and use the data more efficiently when maintenance, or reconstruction is necessary. As a trail builder these changes are things I needed to know in order to build or rebuild the trail system, and have passed them on.

Trails surveyed are;

  • American River Basin
  • American River trail
  • Green Valley trail
  • Mumsford Flat trail
  • Sailor Flats trail
  • Big Bend
  • Loc Leven trail
  • Upper Loc Leven trail
  • Salmon Lake trail
  • Lake Tahoe Basin trails;
  • Five Lakes trail
  • Alpine Connector trail
  • Bear Creek trail
  • Granite Chief trail
  • Page Meadows trail system
  • Shirley Lake trail
  • Stanford Rock trail
  • Western States trail from Hwy 89 to Emigrant Summit